Appalachian art has long had a rich enclave in southern Ohio, but only in the past ten years has it grown into something greater. In 2001, a family project to paint a barn outside of West Union started a cultural renaissance, and Brown County has become patient-zero for its national spread. Barn quilts stretch from coast to coast, with estimates running as high as 2,000 separate paintings spread across every state.

    Brown County is home to at least 19 viewable quilt barns, all of which can be seen from public roads. Many of the patterns belong to family quilts, which have been passed down over generations of use. While there is no official quilt trail, Brown County is a member of the Ohio Clothesline of Quilts and has an official listing and map. Photos and further reading can be found at Ohio Barns

     Thirty-three of Ohio's eighty-eight counties have barn quilts, and further information can be found at First Ohio or Ohio Magazine.

Header photo courtesy of Flickr